BLUE Mikey Portable Recorder 30 Pin For IOS Devices

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Mikey Digital is an ultra-compact stereo condenser microphone that turns your iPhone or iPad into the sleekest mobile recording device around. Capture pristine recordings of live music, audio for video, podcasts, interviews, guitar and vocals—and whatever else you can imagine—whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. And it’s Lightning and iOS 7 compatible, so you can just plug in and go. With Mikey Digital, it’s simpler than ever to capture pristine audio—anywhere, anytime.

Thanks to Auto Level Sensing technology and multiple gain settings, Mikey Digital protects your recordings from distortion. It can even handle input sources up to 130dB—that’s loud enough to turn the built-in mic on your phone to dust. Microphone shielding drastically reduces environment noise, and an onboard LED clipping indicator lets you know when to adjust the sensitivity so you can get flawless recording results. Whether you’re recording a piano recital from the back of an auditorium or a monster truck rally from the front row, Mikey Digital is always optimized for best-quality sound.

Mikey Digital is a real head turner, with a unique 230-degree swivel head and reversible Lightning connector that lets you capture sound from any direction. All you have to do is direct the logo side of Mikey toward the sound source you want to capture.

No recording idea can stump Mikey Digital. The high-performance 1/8″ stereo input lets you record instruments such as guitar or bass, or line-level signals like a keyboard or DJ mixer. All with pristine audio quality, right on your iPhone or iPad. Whatever you need to record, Mikey Digital is your perfect companion.

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Stereo custom-tuned condenser microphones
USB connector for device charging
Auto level sensing, low gain, and high gain settings
Lightning connector
230-degree swivel mount
Plug and play
1/8″ instrument, external mic, line level input
Compatible with most popular audio and video recording apps
Power Required/Consumption
Microphone Type Stereo pressure gradient condenser
Sampling 44.1kHz/16-bit
Polar Pattern Cardioid